What is a "non-alcoholic cocktail"? Designed to give adults an upscale, alternative beverage to choose instead of alcohol, soda, juice, and water. Our cocktails are sophisticated and indulgent. Using florals, herbs, smokiness, bitters and more, we aim to achieve the quality and experience of drinking a hand crafted cocktail — without the alcohol.

Why are our cocktails called “Kenshō Cocktails”? It’s a great question. We’ve put an endless amount of thought into it, and we’re more than happy to geek out and share the answer. When we started RSRV Collective, we weren’t satisfied labeling our cocktails as simply “non-alcoholic”. Labeling them in the negative, just by what they lack, felt uninspired. So we aimed higher. Creating a whole new cocktail category name worthy of the drinks we meticulously crafted. Something that harmonized with our “Be Courageously You” mission. Something that underscored our guiding principle that the best part of you is the real, authentic core of you, which is incredibly hard to find and even harder to reveal to others. Then it hit us — “Kenshō”. A Japanese term from the Zen tradition that stands for “the first steps towards awakening”. The first instances of “seeing one’s true nature”. It’s perfect. Because whether you’re choosing not to drink on a night when everyone else is, enjoying the experience of being out without being boozed up, or just choosing to drink something sophisticated and luxurious that’s different from the norm. That’s what our cocktails stand for. They’re “non-alcoholic” sure. But more accurately, and way more interestingly, they’re cocktails that help get you closer to the more true, more awakened you.

What is "RSRV" and how do you pronounce it? For those in the know, RSRV is pronounced "reserve”. It takes the first part of its meaning from the wine world. The "reserve" is the best tasting, highest quality wine on offer from a winery (with only a limited quantity available). Winemakers reserve this wine rather than sell it immediately because it's their best. What’s interesting to us is that as people, we have a RSRV as well. That deep down part of each one of us that's truly excellent, inspired and true. And yet we all tend to hold it back. Rarely showing it to the world due to social expectations, pressures and fears of failure. And so this is the origin of our name, RSRV Collective. On the one hand we aim to have the highest quality, best tasting non-alcoholic cocktails you can get. Period. And on the other, our mission is to inspire people to stand up, get out there and be their truest selves. To transcend social pressures and fears of failure. To realize that it's not only possible, but necessary to "Be Courageously You" and let your RSRV out. Whether that be in what you choose to drink, how you express yourself, what you create in the world, or (most importantly) how you inspire others.

Are these mixers, or ready-to-drink from the can? Our non-alcoholic cocktails are 100% ready-to-drink from the can. They're crafted with unique taste profiles, and require no additional ingredients to enjoy. Of course you can use them as a base with other ingredients, or pair them with your favorite spirit(s). But we recommend cracking a chilled can, pouring in a glass over ice, and finishing with a simple garnish.

When should I drink RSRV Collective cocktails? Brunch, lunch, dinner, and anytime in-between. Enjoy a premium, handcrafted cocktail experience straight from a can — without the hangover.

How should I serve these cocktails, and what garnishes do you recommend for each? As a premium cocktail, we recommend serving them chilled and poured in a glass over ice with a simple garnish. A fresh lime wedge works perfectly for Botanica. For Amari try a few fresh raspberries. A maraschino cherry or two for Rosata. And finally for Orana, garnish with a fresh orange wedge and/or a maraschino cherry.

What exactly is the alcohol content of these cocktails? 0.0%. They never contained alcohol.

How many calories per serving do they have? Only 50-60 colories per serving (2 servings per can), depending on the cocktail flavor.

What about the ingredients, are they natural? Absolutely. RSRV cocktails each contain only a few ingredients, which are all derived from natural sources. Made with 100% cane sugar, they include no preservatives or artificial flavors. Our cocktails also currently contain no caffeine, adaptogens or CBD.

Are they vegan or kosher, and what about gluten, GMO & allergens?RSRV Collective cocktails are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and contain no known allergens. They are not kosher.

Is there a way I can try all four cocktail flavors? Yes, our Variety Pack. It makes a great gift, and includes one can of each flavor.

Is your packaging recycleable? Absolutely. Both our cans and boxs are 100% recyclable.

Where are RSRV Collective cocktails sold? Enter your zip into our map to find a location near you. If none are available, tell your favorite shop get in touch and stock us. You can also purchase directly from our website's Cocktail Shop.

How can I place a wholesale order? Email us at orders@rsrvcollective.com to be put in touch with our sales team.

Do you ship nationally and internationally? Yes, we ship nationally. Currently we only ship internationally to wholesale customers.

Where are your drinks manufactured and where are you based? Our drinks are made in both New York and Vermont, USA. We're headquartered in Carrboro, North Carolina.